We’re excited to announce our relaunch of ELLO HOME Acacia Wood Kitchen Utensils! After a year of perfecting design and colors, we can finally share with you our Rustic Cooking Utensil Set made especially for the home cook or the seasoned chef. Keep on the look out because we have a new surprise coming very soon!


ELLO HOME Acacia Silicone Cooking Utensils (Complete 8-piece Set)

Wash & Care
Hand-wash and dry thoroughly.
To prevent drying and cracking and to preserve the wood’s natural finish, periodically apply a thick coat of food-safe mineral oil to the surface.

What’s cooking without some awesome cooking utensils? Our cooking utensils definitely have a vibe; like a modern-rustic chic thing going on.  I hope you try them out soon.  If you do, drop me a message let me know what you think!



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Acacia Wood Cooking Unteils with Silicone

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