Lemon Cucumber Detox Water

What Does A Detox Water Recipe Do? 

Drinking lemon water isn’t just about helping you get more water into your diet; it also helps your body flush out toxins. If you’re anything like me, I occasionally get cravings and eat junk food or drink a soda! A good flush of water with natural cleansing and antioxidant rich foods like fresh lemons, limes, and cucumbers is a great idea. It’s best to start in the morning, and drink your detox water at room temperature.

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Infused detox water with cucumber, lemon and lime.

Infused detox water with cucumber, lemon and lime. Refreshing ice cold summer cocktail or lemonade in glass jar

Lemon Cucumber Detox Water Recipe


1 Lemon

1 Lime

1/2 Cucumber

Filtered Water

Makes 1 Serving


  1. Rinse and wipe the outside of your lemon, lime and cucumber.
  2. Slice your lemon, lime and cucumber into small slices. I like my slices semi-thick to get optimal flavor but keep in mind they need to fit into the glass as well. My favorite glasses are Mason Jars of course! Find them On Sale HERE.
  3. I like using my Bamboo Chopping Boards because they have juice grooves to keep the fruit juices from spilling onto my counters while slicing. This is especially important if you have marble counters since the acid from the lemons can damage your marble stone.
  4. Line your glass with slices of the lemons, limes and cucumbers.
  5. Next, pour your water in and let it sit for a couple of minutes to absorb the flavors.
  6. Add ice if desired. Enjoy!


Keep The Flavors In Your Detox Water Recipe Longer with Detox Ice Cubes

An awesome way to have detox ice cubes handy all the time is to add pieces of your cucumber and lemon slices to the inside of your ice cube trays and freeze them inside the water. As the ice cubes melt inside your cup, they continue to add flavor into your detox water.  Simply prep a bunch of cucumber and lemon slices in advance and toss into the freezer ahead of time!  I have to add, I extremely love using silicone molds as ice cube trays.  These specific silicone ice cube molds are my favorites.

Simple & Refreshing!

I hope you find this recipe inspiring and refreshing. If you do, give it try and be sure to Instagram@ellohome Instagram me a photo because I love seeing your food creations. Be sure to tag #ellotips #ellohome #ellorecipes. Don’t forget to comment below and let everyone know how you liked it!

I hope you enjoy making this recipe to improve your overall health. Every little bit counts, especially with us busy parents! Have a Wonderful Day and #SAVORTHEFLAVOR!

If you tried this recipe or will make it soon, please comment below and let everyone know. Sharing is caring!

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