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Hey Loves! Thanks for stopping by to visit. If you’re here you must love home décor and plants! Do you ever wonder how to use plants as accent pieces in your home décor? I hope to answer some of your questions today. Before we dive into it, just a word of caution, we don’t want our home looking like a crazy plant house, even though we might actually be crazy and love plants!  So please remember the golden rule: Less is more.

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways you can freshen up your home décor is by using plants and flowers as accent pieces. Greenery can polish up any room easily in seconds and naturally bring life into your space. You’ll notice a pleasant difference in your home decorating style.

First, you should ensure that you choose a neutral room in which you can include accent pieces. Normally, using ‘white space’ is going to be absolutely essential. If you opt for a room that already has an array of colors and patterns, you run the risk of the accent just becoming a clutter piece. Instead, choose a room in your home that is fairly plain; one that could use a little splash of color and personality. For example, you may notice your bathroom is bare in comparison to the rest of your home. This space will likely make the perfect space for your greenery accents.

Minimlist Home Decor Mini Succulents

Mini Succulents


The idea can be as simple as including a houseplant in your chosen space. If you’re hoping to make this work, though, you will want to ensure that the piece stands out and has design purpose in the space. Try using a ‘pop’ of color in the room making sure it harmonizes well into the space without looking forced or out of place.

Think about pieces that are exotic or rare; ones that you wouldn’t see in any house. You want to be unique but still trendy. If you happen to work with flower arrangements, rather than plants, you should know this is a bigger commitment. You will need to replenish your arrangements once every couple of weeks. But if you are a creative, this is a great opportunity to use your creativity and update the flowers as the seasons change. Keep in mind it will take more dedicated time on your part to maintain this look. Although if done well, it’s worth the effort and the beautiful results!

Are you looking for a “Boho” way to add greenery into your home décor? Handmade Macramé pieces are a great way to add bohemian style to your home décor. The combination of cotton and greenery is sure to add a natural style to your home without too much clutter. You can hang macramé pieces on your wall or hanging from the ceiling. Find ELLO HOME Macramé Planters here.  If you’re a DIY queen, click here for our new Macramé Cotton Cords!

What do you think? Will you be using Greenery in your home this season? Comment Below!

ELLO HOME Macrame Plant Hanger Set B07C2KZYDJ (1)


We hope you found these tips useful! Please comment below and let everyone know if you did. Be sure to Instagram@ellohome Instagram us a photo because we would love to see how you decorated with your plants. Sharing is caring! Join our ELLO HOME Family and start using natural decor today!

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