Add a Natural Boho vibe to your Home Decor

Are you looking to add a natural decorative touch to your home decor? Green plants are a great organic way to do this! ELLO HOME offers you a natural alternative to home décor! Macramé plant hangers are the perfect way to add an all-natural Boho style to your home décor. Our sturdy cotton material you will help have beautiful plants and flowers displayed throughout your house connecting you to nature. Wake up every morning to your plant beauties by your kitchen window or admire your hanging plants in your living room.


Show your plants some love with ELLO HOME ‘s elegant, boho inspired Macrame Plant Hangers. Simple, yet beautifully handcrafted. ELLO HOME lovely planters will bring light into your home, balcony, garden, or even brighten up your office.

There is something special about bringing nature inside your home. Don’t you agree? ELLO HOME Macrame Plant Hangers are Handmade with all natural, high quality cotton and do not contain any artificial ingredients, odors or chemicals. ELLO HOME Handmade Plant Hangers offers you Boho inspired Decorative touch to your home while bringing nature inside.

If you’re trying to live a more MINIMALIST lifestyle, plants hangers are the perfect way to express your organic style. Simple Décor yet beautifully handcrafted, you’ll love ELLO HOME’s Braided Planters. You can use plant hangers to update your décor for the balcony, front porch, deck, garden, or windows.


Macrame Boho Plant Hangers Crazy Plant Lady Succulent Gardening

Macrame Plant Hangers are versatile planters that can work in any space. Indoor or Outdoor, add green life to your space.

Cotton is one the most durable materials, that why our plant hangers are great for indoor and outdoor. It’s so versatile, hanging planters can work well in any space. Hang it in your backyard or indoors from your ceiling, against your wall like a hanging tapestry, in your living room, bedroom, or office and bring life to your space. You’ll be more connected to your plants and succulents every time you see them.

What is the perfect length and size for a cotton plant hanger? We find the perfect length to accommodate low or high ceilings is about 40-in in length. You’ll find ELLO HOME Macramé Hangers are the most common size for your pots. The average pot size is about 8”-10” in diameter and these are the pot sizes we recommend.


Be sure to share a photo online so everyone can see how you used your Macrame Plant Hangers!

Macrame Plant1_B07C2KZYDJ

ELLO HOME Macrame Plant Hanger 2-pc Set | About 40″ Length, 4mm thickness.

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We hope you enjoy your ELLO HOME Macrame Plant Hangers and Cotton Cord, please comment below and let everyone know your thoughts! Be sure to Instagram@ellohome Instagram us a photo because we would love to see how you decorated with your plants. Sharing is caring! Join our ELLO HOME Family and start using natural decor today!

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