How to make Homemade Organic Baby Food

Hey Loves!  Are you looking for ways to make homemade baby food? I can totally relate. When I had my third baby, I was dedicated to make my own baby food at home. My main purpose was to avoid those sugary and unknown ingredients lingering in baby food today. With a little patience and love, you too can be a baby-food-making-pro in no time! Organic produce is always best for your little one to avoid pesticides and other unknown chemicals.

The following methods will slightly vary depending on the food being pureed, but you can use this simple process to prepare most fruits and vegetables for your baby.


1. Prep

In this example we will be using sweet potatoes. Wash and lightly scrub the outside of the potato skin and dry completely. Peel the outer skin, then cut into small cubes. Save on time and buy them pre-washed. Morrison’s Sweet Potato Cubes come in handy.

2. Cook/Bake/Steam

 Lay cubed sweet potatoes onto a baking sheet. Sprinkle lightly with olive oil or avocado Avocado Oil oil. The avocado oil I use is available on Amazon – 100% Pure Avocado Oil and at Whole Foods!  Bake the potatoes in a preheated oven of about 400° for about 40 minutes.  Oven times vary with different oven models. You can also steam or boil in water, but I find that this method will remove many nutrients and flavor from the sweet potatoes.

3. Puree

Process or mash the cooked food until its smooth or until desired consistency is reached.  My favorite baby food processor I used was the Baby Bullet set. You can find it on Amazon if you want to try it out – Magic Bullet by Baby Bullet Baby Food Makerbaby bullet12 Adding filtered water helps loosen the consistency of your baby food texture depending on the age of your baby. Younger babies typically 4-6 months normally need their food pureed to a loose consistency. Babies about 9-12 months normally can have a thicker consistency, but always consult with your child’s pediatrician first.

4. Strain

Spoon the food through a fine strainer or sieve to smooth the lumps and remove unprocessed parts of produce (this step may or may not be required).

5. Portion/Storage

Spoon the puree into single-serving dishes or storage containers. I found these awesome baby food storage containers on Amazon – Sage Baby Food Storage.  Sage Baby food storageServe promptly to your baby or refrigerate for later use. Use within 3 days and do not re-heat baby food after it is fed to your baby.  Freeze baby food for up to 6 months. Just be sure to label everything!

If you found these tips helpful please comment below and let us know what you think.Fruit smoothies for a baby food puree . Also if you have own version of baby food puree or baby recipes, please share it with us, we would love to hear about it! Sharing is caring!

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