How to make a Sunflower Centerpiece

Hey Loves! Thanks for spending some time with us.  There’s something charming about sunflowers that make me smile. 😃 That’s why Sunflowers make beautiful centerpieces for any occasion!


When my daughter graduated High School this past summer I instantly knew Sunflowers would be her graduation party theme. I mean they’re bright yellow, blends well with most colors and super stylish!


Rustic Sunflower Graduation Cake


The best part about this DIY project is that you can create a gorgeous centerpiece for less than five bucks! Sounds good to me! So let’s get to it…

What you will need:

1. Large Mason Jar ($1.00)

2.  Sunflower, trimmed ($2.49)

3. Baby Breath foliage, 2-3 branches ($1.00)

4. Black Ribbon or Themed Sticker ($0.50)



Fun fact 1: Did you know a single sunflower can have up to 2000 seeds. Wow, that’s a lot of seeds!



When trimming your sunflowers, use a bread knife to make it easier to cut through. Pour cool water into the clean mason jar, add plant food or sprite. They say sprite keeps the Sunflower fresher. Add the trimmed baby breath, and arrange it so the Sunflower is front and center,

white_tablecloth.jpgPlace Sunflower centerpieces in the middle of the tables or use as an accent piece for the dessert and gift table.  For my table settings, I used a white tablecloth, you can find it here on Amazon! White Tablecloth (size “60×102”).




To add a bit of class, I laid a nice black and white striped table runner down the middle. This really made the Yellow Sunflowers Pop as the main attraction.

You can find the runner on Amazon as well, find it here – Black and White Table Runner (Size 12″x72″)


Fun fact 2: In their bud phase, sunflowers will follow the movement of the sun, from east to west. This process is called heliotropism.


Sunflower centerpiece

I hope you found this centerpiece tutorial helpful. Let us know if your centerpiece was successful and don’t forget to tag us on social! Sharing is caring!

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