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cropped-cropped-cropped-new_ello-home-logo1.jpgAbout ELLO HOME

ELLO HOME is a US Home Goods Lifestyle Brand and Baby Brand. Our passion is providing you Premium Home Goods and Superior Baby Products that you will love. Using a simple approach, we innovate and design to enhance your quality of life. Whether it’s cooking your favorite meals for your family or hanging your green plants by the window.  We offer you practical products with a premium touch. That’s the ELLO HOME way.

Our Story

Founder and Creative Director, Elisha Napoleon, was once a full-time corporate working mom. When Elisha was pregnant with baby #3, she found it difficult to find baby products that easily helped her keep track of baby’s milestones. She began making her own stickers, blocks and using blankets for her baby photography. She knew there should be an easier way for parents to capture their precious baby’s milestones. ELLO HOME Baby was born.

With a passion for providing the best life for her family, this meant that she could no longer work 40-50 hours a week. Being at home with her children was number 1 priority. This propelled Elisha into entrepreneurship and so ELLO HOME and ELLO HOME Baby began.


Founded in 2017, ELLO HOME was created with a mission to inspire everyone to live their best life. ELLO HOME provides products in a range of collections, including Home Goods, Kitchen and Baby. Our blog and product lines offer lifestyle advice, healthy recipes, and products that enhance quality of life for everyone.

Our Mission

Our passion is to offer you products that enhance your everyday life and help you Create Memories that Last forever. Because we are parents ourselves, we understand what families need and what new parents want. Our mission is to help you enjoy your home life and help new parents capture your baby’s precious moment’s one milestone at a time.

Design Process

ELLO HOME Baby products are custom designed by Mom and graphic design partner here in the lovely United States. At the moment all our Designs are implemented into our products by an outside factory we trust. We are 100% hands-on with all the designs and hopefully one day we can grow to have our own manufacturing warehouse located here in the USA.

Featured Product of the Month

Our featured product of the month is our Silicone Acacia Wood Cooking Utensil Set. We created something that offers safe functional cooking with a touch of style –  It’s like rustic meets modern. We found that many top brands still use toxic plastic and nylon materials, we believe your cooking tools should never melt or leak toxins into your food. That’s why we designed our FDA approved and BPA Free Kitchen Utensils to meet the demands of the modern kitchen and your modern family.

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Ellohome Utensils_new

ELLO HOME Complete Set of 8 Silicone Cooking Utensils

We provide the everyday cook or seasoned chef beautifully crafted cooking tools with the perfect blend of quality, functionality, and design for savory results every time. Our Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set is made of FDA Approved food safe Silicone and Premium Quality Acacia Wood handles. Acacia wood is naturally antibacterial and adds beauty to your utensil set. Cooking with Silicone Utensils assures protection to your non-stick cookware from scratches and consuming harmful chemicals. Our Silicone is heat-resistant up to 446°F. Only the best materials were used to assure this nonstick cookware set will last a lifetime. Our Premium Utensil Set will surely be your best friend in the kitchen for many years to come.

Join our ELLO HOME Family

I hope you JOIN the ELLO HOME Family Soon and begin cooking delicious meals with ELLO HOME Cooking Utensils.  If you do, be sure to Instagram@ellohome Instagram me a photo because I love seeing your food creations! Be sure to tag #ellohome #ellorecipes #ellohomecooking. Don’t forget to comment below and let everyone know how you cook with ELLO HOME Kitchen Utensils! Sharing is caring!

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